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March 11, 2011
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Draconic shapeshifters. Also skilled in the area of mental abilities (ie telepathy, telekinesis, illusions, attacks, etc.)

Shared the same planet with Draimians. Masters at technology. Usually a deep blue colour with fins of some kind on them.

They are the same species as Aurana but they've chosen not to follow the same moral code as her kind does (ie Aurana and her kin never change into a living person without their permission (ie friends and family etc) (since Draimians can literally morph into someone completely almost flawlessly). They use whatever they can to get what they want and they have a very superior outlook on humans. They're also faster lighter and more agile but they lack wings in their normal forms. Not much is known about their colouring but from scattered reports they have dark grey colouring with red markings and red eyes. Some reports include blades but it is uncertain whether all Rogues have them or just certain individuals.

Drogs look like a canine dragon hybrid. They're small like the Rogues but aren't as agile although they do have a decent amount of strength behind them. Drogs (dragon-dogs) are essentially like foot soldiers and were used heavily in the Draimian-Hamurian conflict before the world was destroyed. Intelligent to a degree, they lack any ability to 'think & reason' on their own. They have a pack mentality and usually travel in groups of 5 or 6 but can join together to take down a larger target (9 or 10 at most). One weakness they have however is that they do not do as well solo as they do with their pack. A lone Drog has enough strength to knock a dragon down although that is dependent on its size. Drogs rarely kill for pleasure but they will if ordered to by their masters.
Their pelt is jet black and really the only noticeable feature is their yellow eyes, meant to intimidate really and look like something from one's nightmares. Also used as a controlling measure.
Many thanks to my love ~gideon3fucci for editing :3

Draimians, Accolos & all related material (c) me

Do not steal, reproduce, edit, etc. without my express WRITTEN permission. Thieves will be eaten. Thank you and have a nice day :meow:

Reposted as I made a mistake in submitting it exclusively to my group ^^; So very few could actually see it
*Stea- Puts it back.*
Endless-hunter Mar 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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